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This is due in part to the fact that a day before the new moon takes place, Mercury—the planet of communication—will station retrograde, which means it appears to standstill in the sky and then travel backwards for three weeks. When Mercury is retrograde, it often causes our communications with each other to go more easily awry. And just like every new moon is unique, so, too, is every Mercury retrograde, which happens about three times a year. This Mercury retrograde, however, is especially slippery—it may make omissions, misunderstandings, and confusion with one another more likely.

We might notice more often than not that facts get miscommunicated, directions get lost, planes get delayed, and we end up wondering what happened to our phone. Of course, that in no way frees us from the very real responsibilities we have in life—but it does mean that worrying about what we have no power over, at least in this moment, is precious energy down the drain.

March 6 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

A water sign whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces wants us to be open, fluid, and free of restrictions. This new moon reminds us of the power of meditative practices in our lives. Now is the time to ask the questions: In chaotic times, what helps you recenter yourself? Where can you place your attention when life starts to feel like an unhelpful distraction?

Your connection with water becomes obvious when your fluid and adaptable communication is concerned. In many ways, your words take on the qualities of free-flowing water. Moreover, it is your connection with water that allows you to comfortably ride strong waves of emotion. Neptune is the ruling planet of the Pisces, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive the mysterious planetary power of the Moon. While it is Neptune that can be credited with your compassion, sensitivity and vision, it is the Moon power that is reflected in your intuition and nurturing qualities.

Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you the most emotional and nurturing of all the Pisces Decans. Pets born under this sign love diversity, are always moving about, and are intelligent and fun-loving.

Cancer is the first of the water signs, representing the realm of the emotions. Cancer pets are sensitive, extremely loyal to home and family, caring, and fond of food.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Pisces?

Leo is the second fire sign: strong, magnanimous, and playful. Virgo is the second earth sign, representing the harvest of the planted seed.

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These pets like to accomplish things. Pets born during this time are easy to train, intelligent, discerning, capable, and quick to housebreak.

March 6 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Libra is the second air sign. Libran pets have a constant need to be relating—with their environment, with other animals, with people. Pets born under this sign go to great lengths to please you. Scorpio is the second water sign; this sign rules the will.

Andi asks is your Birthday March 6th...

Scorpios are by far the strongest members of the zodiac. Pets born under this sign are willful, stubborn, and intelligent. Sagittarius is the third and final fire sign; those born under this sign are the seekers of freedom and adventure.

Pisces (astrology)

Sagittarian pets have lots of energy and enjoy challenges. They also like to move around—and not just in the backyard, either.

Some Famous Pisceans That Share Your Sign!

I realize that this article is intended for enjoyment, not objective scientific inquiry; but many people observe that adopting a shelter dog is the kindest way to acquire a pet, and biologists will add that a hybrid - a "mutt" - is likely to be genetically healthier than a purebred animal, because those bloodlines were often created by INbreeding. Cats are more independent, of course, but the same concerns apply. The odds of knowing a shelter animal's exact birthday are slim; sometimes you're lucky if you can tell how old they are in terms of YEARS.

So while this article is a lot of fun, I'm not sure how valuable it is for those kind souls who reach out to abandoned, abused and neglected pets, to give them the homes they deserve. Leos are definitely strong, but Scorpios are ruled by Pluto—closely aligned with plutonium. I'm glad that you admit Leo is strong. And yes, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but Leo is ruled by the SUN and contrary to some modern astrologers' claims, the Sun is by faaaaar a stronger force than Pluto or Plutonium.

It is quite literally the strongest force in the entire solar system so it's baffling why astrologers keep forgetting that basic astronomical fact.

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